January 1, 2014


2013 flew by...(as the years tend to do).  I am not big on New Year's resolutions, but for some reason, this year, I have a lot that I want to improve, I have begun to write some down.  My list is rather long, which makes me wonder if I will be setting myself up.  Hmmmm, well, why not shoot for it and see what comes out in the end?? 

This year, I have devoted all of my energies to MY business.  This is a first for me.  I am usually running around like a chicken with it's head cut off working multiple jobs or multiple jobs and going to school.  Now, this is new territory.  I think that is why I am contemplating goals.  I need to focus!!

Here are the things I want to do:

1.  Develop my Interior Design business (and find my niche)
2.  Develop Design Tableau (for web design, content, topics, shop...etc)
3.  Get organized
4.  Do a daily photo journal
5.  Have a good eating plan
6.  BEGIN to exercise....AGAIN!!
7.  Keep up with friend's and family's birthdays (send cards!  NOT texts!!)

Ok, so, maybe it's just another way to run around like a chicken, but, at least it's MY chicken!  (does that even make sense?) THIS is why I need to focus.  It's very easy for me to get all over the place when I am thinking of too much.  So, I am going to keep track of it here so "YOU" can keep me accountable AND focused!

As I look at the list, these all need to be done simultaneously...yikes.  Well, let's get started and see how things develop...=)

First things first....GET ORGANIZED!

Do YOU make New Year's resolutions???

xo Kim

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