February 7, 2012


You know...high end design is great, right?  But, I find that I continue to be drawn to the design ideas that anybody can do on a super slim budget.  

Like I've stated before, I'm a renter.  More than likely we will be for quite some time.  I have builder-grade everything.  Yes, the blah bathroom vanity along with the wall-o-mirror that comes with that not-so-custom look.

I came across this great idea via Amy Huntley from The Idea Room.  It's how you can take a standard bathroom vanity and turn it into a custom piece.



It's as easy as applying a couple of finials for the base feet.


Buy a couple of finial wood accents from Lowe's....$5.95 each.  Because the pieces were too sort, she cut a couple of pieces of scrap wood into squares to make up the difference.

She then decided that it would be easier to just remove the screws and glue them onto the scrap wood and then under the cabinet using Gorilla Wood Glue.

After gluing the foot to the scrap, wait for the glue to dry and set and paint them the same color as the cabinet.  After they are dry, glue them into place and fill in any cracks with painter's caulk.  Touch up and you're done.

Thanks again, Amy!  Be sure to visit her sight for more ideas.

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