February 9, 2012


I thought this was such a cute idea.  I found it on Project Balancing Act.  And, since I have friends with little tots, I wanted to post this. 

This would be a great idea for a birthday party craft project. All of the kids make their own and it is the gift that they take home.

Just use finger paints for the butterfly wings and a permanent marker for the body.  Put their name and date in the corner, and their parents will be so happy about the party!!

I would suggest that this would be a great project for the parties that you have the parents stay and participate.  They can each help their own child and it would be a wonderful bonding craft.  Maybe even the parents could make their own and get their feet a little messy with their kids!!  How fun!!!

To cut down on costs, you can just purchase canvas panels instead of stretched canvas. They come in a lot of different sizes.  You can find some good deals at Art Supplies Online.

Be sure to use a drop cloth and have plenty of handi-wipes close by =)

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