December 29, 2011


Here in sunny, Southern California, it's been in the 70's.  Not so much of a cold snap coming in.  It does, however, get into the 40's at night...WHAT???  NOOOOO......

If you're like me though, you get cold when it hits 69 or 70 degrees!!  Here's how we can take the chill off.

Boots and Sweater from Anthropologie.

Can you even imagine trying to ice skate in those??  If you know of anyone who has, please let me know.  And, send a pic!  Lady Gaga maybe???

On sale at Pottery Barn right now.

Our gadgets need some warm love too.  These are from ModCloth.

Don't forget the music.  George Winston is alway a favorite of mine.

This is a yummy vegan soup.  No, really!!!  Yummmm-mmmyy!  Find the recipe (super simple) at
You don't even need the "chicken" (although, my husband actually likes it better than bonafide, real, clucking, chicken).  I add about 1/2 cup brown rice and let it simmer for about 25 minutes.  Remember, just add the arugula at the very end.  Oh, man...I gotta get to the store and make this today!!

Always remember...stay warm but remain cool!!

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