September 25, 2011


I don't know if you saw this or not...but you can now get a great deal on your very own Philip Johnson home.  The original price was $2 million, now down to $1.6 million.  Awe if I only could.
The property is located on 2 acres, next to a 36 acre reserve in Bedford, NY.
About a year ago it was listed for the $2 million number.  What I thought was interesting was the way it was "decorated" then...
 and how it has been "staged" now...
Huge improvement!!

I simply LOVE Philip Johnson!  I actually feel hopeful that this could actually be within reach one day.  I mean, knowing that his "Farney House" in the Hamptons is going for $35 million.....
$1.6 mill doesn't sound so far fetched!!

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