September 1, 2011


So, the color forecast is out and it's looking like bright and cheery days are ahead.  

With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 rapidly approaching, it's a reminder of dark days.  The trend in design was playing it safe.  No new home, redo what we have, update the place where we feel secure.  Stay with calm, relaxing colors.  Well, I must say, we are a society that remembers the past but is always looking ahead with a positive mindset.  This is stated in Pantone's 2012 Color Forecast.

(See the full color slideshow HERE

Don't get me wrong, there are colors in the forecast that are muted so we can feel comfy in our homes, but we also like to step outside the box and show our optimism.

So, from cool grays and foggy blues to hot pink and neon green, get out there and explore the bright days ahead.

Go for it!!  If this is a little too bold...

just add a hit of a punchy hue.

Remember....You just need a shot of your crazy side to have the room read upbeat.

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