November 20, 2013


Aki-Home began in Japan in 1967.  Akio Nitori opened a small furniture shop to offer products for the locals.  When he took a trip out here to California, in 1972, he saw that we lived and shopped very differently from the Japanese.  He brought the idea of spaciousness, quality, convenience, and value back home to Japan and his store took off.  It is now one of the largest retailers in Japan.

Mr. Nitori has now brought it full-circle and has opened two new stores in Fullerton and Tustin.  

When I went to their website, I wasn't very impressed, so I decided to go in and have a look around.  I was in the Irvine area, so I stumbled into the Tustin location.  The employees could not have been nicer and I was pleasantly surprised with the selection and prices they had.  I even walked out with a few things =)  I can see this as becoming one of my "go-to's".

Here are a few things that caught my eye.  This coupon offers 25% off and is good through November 24th, so go have a look.  I'm sure you'll find something you must have.

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