January 18, 2012


Are you planning a wedding?  Thinking of all the small details? 
I know, me talking weddings in late January?  Well, your mind has been racing for months, and will continue to all the way up until the date.  I just thought I would toss one of those small details into the ring....Wedding Cake Toppers...

When it comes to wedding cake toppers, there are TONS of different ones out there for your consideration.  Do you use flowers or do you place tiny people on top of the tower of silky goodness?  

Here are some ideas to help get your creative neurons firing.

This one could look kinda creepy, but it's fully custom.  You pick your body and send in your picture and they duplicate it on your topper.

The grabber...

Just some other ideas...

Ok, so like I said....there are TONS.  Just don't be boring. Be creative, funny, thoughtful.  

Let your mind go.  Put a smile on your faces as well as the faces of your guests.  

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