August 8, 2011


Fall is right around the corner and we have had exceptionally great weather this year.  I mean, it's always great here on the West Coast, I mush admit, but this was a pretty mild summer.  Yesterday I was out at one of our local flea markets, however, and I was melting!!  My in-laws in Louisiana would scoff at that statement, but you know, I have West Coast blood.

This started me thinking about a wonderful little friend that I could have had along for my parasol.  I never think of it until it's too late.  My umbrella?  Forget it!  I take it out of the house maybe two or three times a year...which causes me to inevitably misplace it and I am forced to purchase a new one over and over again.

So, let's not forget about our colorful companions.  Here's some inspiration to remind us of just how beautiful our portable, shelter-giving friends can be...

For some great ideas visit Bella Umbrella.

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  1. Oh my - What a wonderful post Kim! Your blog is very very inspirational. Thanks for sharing..