May 15, 2011


Ok, so I may be a tad behind on this, but I did just start my blog, you know. So, anyway, I took a trip out to PDC (Pacific Design Center) the other day and what to my wandering eyes did appear??? Ikat. (Pronounced ee-kat, by the way) If you are not already familiar with this textile, then become! It's everywhere!! I have a much better appreciation for it knowing the "true" Ikat technique. It actually inspired me to buy a loom and learn how to weave my own fabric.

I found this great fabric in orange and green and I am pondering on getting it to reupholster a mid-century chair I bought on ebay.  Might be interesting...

Anyway, it's a beautiful fabric.  Style specific?  Possibly, however, have fun with it.

I love to see this French Fauteil chair done up with white paint and ikat upholstery.
Who says you can't put an Indonesian/Japanese/Malaysian/Guatemalan/Turkish/Indian textile (they still haven't figured out where it originated) on a classic chair.

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