May 31, 2011

Holy Sheets

I have been searching for THE ultimate sheets for 6 + years now.  My mom always seems to have uber soft sheets.  She can never remember where she gets them though.  What to do?  I buys sets looking at the thread count, sateen weave, so on and so forth, but my money is usually wasted!  You get them home and make the bed and they just don't live up to the "hand" that they seemed to have in the store.  So, my quest is on.

If you have the funds, "Between the Sheets" has just what I'm talking about.  They use only Egyptian cotton.  Egyptian cotton is known to have the longest fibers.  Cotton is a staple fiber, which are short fibers, and then they are spun together into yarns.  The longer the fiber, the softer it is.  "Giza" is the finest grade of the Egyptian cotton.  This is the fiber that "Between the Sheets" uses.  Their sateen weave is 7-and-1.  Instead of an over-under-over-under plain weave, the sateen weave "floats".  Over 3 or 4 and under one.  Between the Sheets weaves over 7, under 1.  Because of the long floats, this makes for a silkier hand.

There are other factors to take into account.  Think of the thread count, yes, but are they single or plied yarns?  The thread count is defined as the number of threads, horizontally and vertically, per square inch of fabric.  When a yarn is a single ply yarn, the fabric will be thinner.  A plied yarn means two or more yarns are twisted together creating a thicker yarn.

"Between the Sheets"....sheets.....don't COST a lot, they are WORTH a lot because of all the steps they take to ensure a top quality sheet.  (You can check out the link above to view pricing, I don't have the heart) This includes the way they comb the cotton, mercerizing the cotton, the technique they use in dying the fabric, it all plays a role in the final product.

So, my ultimate goal is to one day be able to purchase a dream sheet set from "Between the Sheets".  Until then, I will do some more research to see if I can find the next, or third, forth, or fifth best thing and let you know......

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